David motta 

East London or West London? 

I think it was Isabella Blow who once said: "I don't like crap, I like craftsmanship" AMEN to that. London (maybe more east than west these days) still is an epicenter of what's new and inspiring, setting trends to the rest of the world/industry, although massification especially easy access to information via the Internet for example brought a sense of everything is impossible, everyone anyone is anything. So today we see ourselves surrounded by shameless self proclaimed photographers, fashion designers, models, artist, philanthropists, etc, sometimes all in one person, even if it's just for their twitter bio. I like to think skills and talent will do the olive oil in contact with water reaction, although only time will bring the answer for that. Until then, I support the ones whose craft I believe, and struggle everyday to make this world a prettier one. 

BOY London? 

In history we have several phenomenons of groups of people trying to copy other groups or classes habits and aesthetics in order to have a certain feel of belonging. I understand a printed tshirt can buy a poor unfortunate soul a certain sense of identity, the exact same way for example middle classes copy upper classes way of living. If the BOY thinks he is cool wearing BOY, LEAVE THE BOY ALONE! Not my cup of tea. That paradise is not for me! 

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