LSK | Interview: Ladi kazeem [Laska|Sak] Streetwear, Life in genral, and new concepts...

We grabbed Few minutes with Laska's Ladi kazeem to quickly grill him on whats been happening with  L|S over the last few months. Ladi the founder of the brand took his ideas with the help guidence and backing of co owner chris taylor from paper to a full summer collection, His aboriginal garments have been spotted World wide and sported by the who's who from professer green on his " at your inconvenience tour"
too New balance and british miler Ricky stevenson. 

Firstly not bad for your first year trading? 

Haha Yeah if im honest i didnt know what to expect this year i just wanted the mass to know about 
Laska. I think things liturally switched up for the brand around febuary time, we relaunched the brand
and dropped some harder prints and the response was amazing not only in the north east and that 
was my goal to be noticed and taken seriously out of my circle and comfort zone! 

Where did the aboriginal concept come from for your summer collection? 

Honestly anyone who i went to school with will know we studied aboriginal art in like year 7 as well
as ndebele art so from day 1 i was hooked. i have a love for colours and bright garments so 
when i was developing the collection i was really feeling african prints. obviously over the year
some brands have deaded african prints and because superstores like topman etc prints and colourful 
tees are everywhere but i think were the only brand out there who have developed our own aborignal 
prints. lastly the aboriginies would use there paintings to tell stories soo each one of our prints has a story 
behind it. 

Whats the story behind the "Aborginal Trip" Tshirt?

that Tshirt is based on some of my close friends from saltburn and the stories they come up with 
whilst high on hallucinogenics. 

Moving on so with regards to streetwear obivously theres alot of competition in the north east and 
obviously london do you ever feel like your competeing with these brands and are there any other
small brands you rate?

Erm firstly in the north east i dont really know of many other streetwear brands theres alot of brands attached
to club nights some good some bad, from what i've seen i dont really rate the designs but thats my opnion
they no doubt hate everything about laskasak but thats life. Theres a brand in newcastle called LESS we 
have a few of the same stockists so we have no choice but to be mentioned in the same sentences
but i rate the brand and i'd no doubt where most of there garments. I do feel like theres alot of competeing 
in the north east especially, i cant really get involved because i live in london but i no from friends feedback
 who says what and what brands arnt really cutting it lalala. In london on the other hand theres so many brands
so its just about networking and taking your chance when you get it. 

You briefly worked with dope chef and to-orist clothing how was that?

amazing it was cruical part of my development this year, working with brian [dopechef/to-orist founder] was
exactly what i needed he challenged me daily and wasnt affraid to let me get involved even with no solid designing 
experience. Laska wouldnt be where it is now if it wasnt for the advise i recieved and obviously leaving
was a massive decision because i could of stayed and been apart of 2 of the uk most recognised brands 
but i realised i needed to just focus on laska so hopefully i can take it those sorts of levels. 

So you live in london and chris your partner lives in the north and you dont have a phone must be hard?

Haha you've made it sound complicated but yeah i'd be lieing if i said chris was happy about it i do have 
a couple of phones but i rarely turn them on its a personal thing i've never really been into phones
i've been instgraming alot lately though so im contactable. 

And your relationship with chris? 

Chris is like my brother hes not a friend were past all that hes family im one of the only people who truely 
understands him hes so focused and clever im lucky to have him involved. He studied at durham university 
and recieved a 1sts and a masters in buisness and he also owns a secruity firm in the north east Vistech services
as well as everything else. He handles all Laska issues i just hype everything and network but he pulls the strings
sends out orders daily answers phonecall manages everything as well as working 9-5 and running a company.
guys a don.

Name some brands you rate..

Hmmmm i rate brands like to-orist, JW anderson, Christoper rabuern, Jeremy scott. and obviously skate
brands like toy machine, emerica, i did rate stussy not so much now.

who are your inspirations? 

My close friends and people who have helped me and looked out for me inspire me i dont really get inspired by 
people i dont know or will never meet. My friends who are killin it london in modelling world Harry uzoka, igor stepnov,
michael morgan, jeremy boateng, jeremy edwards lists endless there inspire because everyday there furthering themselves.
My boy joe thompson runs his own vintage store "lazy joes" he inspires me his work ethics sick. also my mate
james arthur whos currently grafting on the xfactor inspires me because i know where hes been in life and i can liturally
see the light and the fact that his musics finally getting appriciated by the mass is UNREAL.

So whats next for Laska|Sak?

We've got two drops on the 14th of september our LS MONARCY collection is dropping as well as some 
New prints for our SPORT collection. hopefully by january we'll have at least 30 stockists we've got alot of
shops and websites on ice sat there waiting for us to send them garms so its too sick atm. I've got soo many
ideas for the brand what i dont lack is creativity i just dont want to give out too much at once. we still need to
dropp our jackets and shirts and also our beanies will also be dropping on the 14th.

Think thats about how do you want to wrapp this up? 

Thankyou to anyone who purchased laskasak this year got a lot of love for you and a lot more to offer. Middle finger
to the time wasters and the jokers you noo who you are  

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