I keep getting caught when am out and about and asked to take snaps its obviously a good feeling but im the most un-photogenic person in the UK behind a few naughty people i know.
I'm rocking and 1980's team US ralph lauren Hat (one of a kind) With a Sammi cravat and a 1 of a kind FILA 70's aztec print jacket. for any1 whos gives a shit!!!

" I-likeitalot presents to You our first street style. Each week of the year we will be shooting individuals with their own style as we salute each person originality, their unique and individual fashion sense. Rather than following the latest trends, they create their own distinctive style that suits them and reflects their character. To some it may seem Odd to other classics but to us it has this “Je ne sais Quoi” that can’t be defined Check out all the Individuals after the Jump. "

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