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Everyone should be familiar by now with the Supreme hype, especially with the rise of Odd Future and Tyler, The Creator. Most recently, London has been hit with a plague of posters depicting Lady Gaga scantily clad in just a box logo t-shirt. This campaign was shot by controversial fashion photographer Terry Richardson who has done a lot of work for Supreme in the past and has even photographed the big man Mike Tyson. Anyway, all this aside the posters have drummed up a lot of suspicions that there will be a Supreme store opening up in London which will be the first official store in this country rather than retailers. This has since been unofficially confirmed so hold tight for that. Hopes are that Supreme will be a lot more available in this country and fingers crossed there will be this much hype if Laska Sak open a store in the future! Check out the video for some nice shots of the poster campaign and the crew in London pasting them up.

By Danny Eaton

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  1. If this is to be true then that would be Supreme, it is about time that more of these products make there way forward to a new generation on youth that are looking into international style. Supreme is like gold dust and you can only find it where you look. If more companies like Ti$A and Supreme then it is something personally that I am looking forward to.