The Beginning

Olaska|sakia was Founded by young man from the North East of England, his enthusiasm and work ethics have brought change to the north east .The young man who fronts Laska|sak Has in The last Few Months Been putting years of ideas and experiences on paper and come up with different designs and pieces. The founder of laska|sak has worked in fashion Retail all around the north-east and he's Realised Theirs always opportunity to make something work in the fashion sector with the right ideas and workforce. 
At the moment Laska|sak is completely underground so the garments produced will only be offered to a select group of people the reason for this is we don't need to rush anything time is on our hands we wont to create a fan base not only in the north east but all over the UK and to do this we need a lot of time so nothing will be rushed.

The aim is firstly to change everyone in our loops thinking on fashion and hopefully get every friend of a friend wearing our garments to the gym on a night-out and to bed and then hopefully in future get our pieces all over the UK and have laska sak ringing in peoples ears. We've decided to set up a facebook to get a little fan base going just to show everyone through pictures notes videos status's what makes laska sak tick.

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